Computer Repair

Onsite Laptop & Desktop Repair service available in 50+ location in Bhubaneswar


Computer and Laptop Repairing

We provide comprehensive hardware support for all major brands of PC - HP, Compaq, Lenovo, Dell, Toshiba, Acer, Zenith and also unbranded PCs


Data Recovery & AMC Services

We support almost every data storage media ranging from hard disk, laptops, Server and many more devices that could store data


Network Troubleshooting Services

We repair all network related problems and we design setup a completely new network.

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Computer & Laptop Repair Services

We always feel to have the latest part of the technology. As you try to find the latest part of hardware or software

We can assist you for the upgrade of hardware parts in your laptop and desktop like RAM, Harddisk or in case of desktop PC and you want to convert your old pc into a Gaming system and you would prefer a additional Graphich card to boost it. It makes things awesome!!

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